Thursday, March 02, 2006

Pieces out of a Jigsaw Puzzle...

Choco Buddy posted this in my Comment space on Crazy Corner.
She doesnt seem to know who wrote it, but its the words that matter- nt the name....Jus wanted to share it wid all of u out there... and Jerry's Lounge needed a good poem. Voila!

"remember long ago when we lay together
in a pain of tenderness and counted our dreams;
long summer afternoons
when the whistling thrust released a deep sweet secret on the trembling air;
blackbird on the wing;
bird of the forest shadows,
black rose in the long ago summer,
this was your song;
it isnt time thats passing by,
it is you and i."

...And that leaves my eyes with big huge tears.... *sniffff*


Dolphin said...

pain of tenderness!...


Medhavi said...

hehehe... u bet!

Blueguitar said...

This one is by one and only Ruskin Bond.